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The Wrong Store


The Wrong Store, curated by Tobias Wong and Gregory Krum, is an art installation in the language of a retail shop. “Conceptually, no one can enter and nothing individually can be purchased, though everything will be visible as the space is under a 100 sq feet. However, as a retail shop “everything” is for sale but only as a whole (the complete installation). The installation is concerned with exploring the concepts of the gallery as a shop, a shop as a gallery and (more…)

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Pure Magenta


This project by Sarah Kissell addresses “luxury brand degradation and its multi-identity crisis, a recent sprawl in the industry where fashion labels have expanded their empire by creating multiple extension brands at a cheaper price in order to become more accessible. Simultaneously, as these brands degrade, the logo or name becomes more prominent than the actual product — appearing excessively and redundantly over disposable items, and often at sacrifice to the labels history or heritage.”

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