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Comenius Roethlisberger


Comenius Roethlisberger’s exhibition of luxury-brand logos (Chanel, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.) written in an addicting mixture of cocaine and powdered sugar will be at Colette on March 1 until the end of Paris Fashion Week. Talk about getting your designer fix.

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Canal Street Closes

City agents have just shut down 32 vendors of counterfeit goods in New York’s infamous Canal Street. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg called the operation one of his administration’s “biggest takedowns ever” against the “easy and sleazy” money derived from counterfeit merchandise. New York Times article here.

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Barbara Kruger


I’ve been a big fan of Barbara Kruger’s work and especially her I shop, therefore I am series. I also find her collaboration with Selfridges pretty interesting. It’s great when commerce, fashion and art collaborate together, unfortunately, corporate usually works with artists not to push creative boundaries but rather to bring in the $$$. But then this symbiotic relationship really a bad thing?

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Logos Deluxe


I’m doing logo explorations for Superluxe so I’ve been doing research on luxury brands and their identities. Since luxury brands try to market themselves as special and unique, you would think their logos would look drastically different. But no…most have opted for the similar design styles. From my research, they all either have large interlocking initials or tracked out elegant serif typefaces. You can see a compilation here.

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Fashionable Exuberance


Leave it to Gucci to open the world’s largest luxury store despite our current economic situation. Looks like Gucci’s new flagship landmark is a branding statement that will position them amongst the most exclusive brands and attract the worlds wealthiest customers.

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