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How Luxury Lost its Luster


I’ve just finished reading Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thompson and have taken away quite a lot of valuable insight. Within the book Thompson compares Old Luxury, what was rare and hard to acquire because of its refined qualities with New Luxury, what is readily available to the middle classes who have increasingly greater amounts of disposable income, time, and desire. (more…)

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Bougie gas masks anyone?


These bejeweled gas masks were created by artist Diddo Velema for the “Luxury Show 2008” in Bucharest, Romania.

“We are in a state of perpetual war – with ourselves and with the eco-system that sustains us. Perpetual war breeds perpetual fear. In the present context, this fear stems from our extreme desire for authenticity and manifests itself in our collectively insatiable culture of consumption.” – Velema (more…)

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Murakami Exhibit


Murakami’s exhibit opens at the Brooklyn Museum tomorrow, 4/3. In a statement against counterfeiting, real Louis Vuitton handbags will be sold street-vendor style outside the museum. An unknowing subject might be walking away with knowledge about the counterfeit industry rather than a cheap knock off. (more…)

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