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Celebrity Endorsments


Celebrity endorsements and luxury brand development almost works hand in hand. These brands nowadays seem so reliant on celebrities to act as a spokesperson/brand ambassador. Just look at red carpet events, where celebrities are drenched in jewels and glamour, each and every one of them becomes a walking billboard. (more…)

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Stained glass luxury

This project by Sarah Illenberger makes me wonder if consumers put luxury brands on a pedestal.

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Brand Next


Brand Next is a project by creative firm, Wolff Olins that describes how brands of the future will be very different from brands of the past. “Taking an aspect of the Brand Next thinking, The Store for Tomorrow explores the idea of brands as platforms for action, helping people do more and do better. The show invites guest not just to look, but to do something. In the Store for Tomorrow, you don’t pay to get; you give to get. (more…)

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Lick your way to success


Check out these luxury branded lollipops in a series of different flavors by Massimo Gammacurta.

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Mass luxe

Luxury is definitely no longer reserved for the elite. There has been a big demand for a taste of luxury from the middle class. Many are prepared to pay a premium for the thrill of owning a brand that makes them special even if it means purchasing a $100 keychain, a $50 perfume, or a $48 lipstick. There have been more and more collaborative projects between the high and low: (more…)

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Louis Vuitton rose


These roses are available for $40 each in Japan in celebration of White Day. I think it’s absolutely absurd that a fancy logo stamped on something so mundane as a rose can turn it into luxury.

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Louis Vuitton Campaign


Louis Vuitton’s new advertisement featuring Mikhail Gorbachev, Keith Richards, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Catherine Deneuve is part of a new campaign to emphasize the company’s heritage in luggage and travel accessories

Watch the TV ad here

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