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Chasing Cool


In Chasing Cool, Noah Kerner talks about quality of products and how quality used to be rooted in workmanship, passion, and pride in the materials. However, now “quality” seems to be used as a fashionable marketing tool.

“If a product doesn’t embody quality, and you’re trying to reach a market that’s attracted to that cachet, you need an easily digestible catchphrase, and the number of products that have alighted on luxury this and luxury that goes (more…)

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Echo Park


While I was in Los Angeles, I got a chance to visit Echo Park Time Travel Mart, a leader in convenience retailing that sells everything you need before you take a road trip through the fourth dimension. You might be asking what all this craziness is, well, Echo Park is actually a facade for writing workshops affiliated with 826 Valencia. Other amazing stores I’ve checked out were the Pirate Store in San Francisco and the Brooklyn Superhero store in New York.

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Coco Before Chanel


I’m hoping to catch this film staring Audrey Tautou this weekend.

The first time I ever learned anything about Chanel was when I watched the Lifetime movie about her life. After watching the movie and seeing how Chanel was such a powerful, creative leader, I wonder if she would approve of the way Chanel is being run now.

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Frame magazine


Frame Magazine is a great source of inspiration for innovative interior designs.

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