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Extended until June 12


Good news! The window installation will be up until June 12. View invitation here

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You’re invited


The window installation is up and ready for viewing! It’s located at 74 New Montgomery, SF. The cross streets are Annie and Jessie. Let me know what you guys think. The window will be up until May 14 June 12. You can download some images here.

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Superluxe products


Stay tuned. Product catalog coming soon.

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Vinyl Check


Instead of sending my vinyls out to get cut, I’m doing them myself at home with a cutter I scored on eBay. It’s pretty nerve-racking because sometimes the cutter goes crazy on me. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that everything will turn out ok.

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The Midas Touch

I’ve been busy all week spraying everything gold.

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Agenda Inc.


Agenda Inc. is a team of strategists working to create new futures for luxury brands. Take a look at their blog and read up on all things you’ve ever wanted to know about the future of the luxury industry. Many thanks to Rob for telling me about them.

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Been busy building the shelving for the window installation. Looks like I’ll be installing the windows 4/25-4/26.

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You’re invited


I will be exhibiting my products in a form of a window display. I just finalized the date and location!

Date: April 26 – May 14June 12
Location: 74 New Montgomery St., San Francisco
Cross streets are Annie and Jessie

Many thanks to New Montgomery Partners for letting me use their window space.

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Logo Mojo


Here’s a sneak peek at another product I’m currently finalizing. It’s called Logo Mojo and it comes in a form of a spray. It’s a fictitious product that turns a logo into a crazy, fancy, shmancy pattern.

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