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Louis C’mon


Here’s an interesting selection of images that envision a world in which a new type of marketing emerges. One that’s radically transparent, just a little bit cheeky and painfully honest. Thanks, Hunter.

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Extreme Lux


It’s fascinating how so many people admire and worship the Louis Vuitton monogram. Leaves me speechless.

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Spotting a fake


CNBC’s documentary titled, Crime Inc.: Counterfeit Goods, takes a look into the world of counterfeit products from handbags to prescription drugs and even weapons parts supplied to the military in Iraq. The documentary will air next Wednesday, July 14 at 9 p.m.

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24k Pencil


For all those luxury lovers out there, this $20 pencil has been plated with a thin layer of 99% pure gold and each comes individually packaged in a box that resembles and gold bar.

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Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has redesigned their website with a overall cleaner layout and easy navigation. They’ve also included video series titled Hand of the Artisan, which allows viewers to see how each Bottega Veneta item is made, and The Art of Collaboration videos that chronicle the behind the scenes of their ad campaigns. I have to say that Bottega Veneta has done a good job incorporating retail and story telling. The new website will really help customers understand and appreciate the art of this luxury brand.

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