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Chasing Cool


In Chasing Cool, Noah Kerner talks about quality of products and how quality used to be rooted in workmanship, passion, and pride in the materials. However, now “quality” seems to be used as a fashionable marketing tool.

“If a product doesn’t embody quality, and you’re trying to reach a market that’s attracted to that cachet, you need an easily digestible catchphrase, and the number of products that have alighted on luxury this and luxury that goes (more…)

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Luxury world


I’m currently finishing up Luxury World: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands.

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The Luxury Strategy


I’m currently reading, The Luxury Strategy, by Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastein.

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Just finished reading Richistan by Robert Frank. Throughout the book Frank takes the reader on a journey into the American wealth boom and into the world of the New Rich.

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How Luxury Lost its Luster


I’ve just finished reading Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thompson and have taken away quite a lot of valuable insight. Within the book Thompson compares Old Luxury, what was rare and hard to acquire because of its refined qualities with New Luxury, what is readily available to the middle classes who have increasingly greater amounts of disposable income, time, and desire. (more…)

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