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New Head of PPR


Francois-Henri Pinault is the new president of PPR, one of the world’s biggest fashion empires.

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Luxury in the recession


The luxury industry once was considered to be recession-proof has taken quite a hit during this economic downturn:

– Louis Vuitton cancels plans for what would have been its largest and most fancy store worldwide (more…)

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Made in italy


Consumers think the high prices of luxury is worth it because they picture the goods being handmade in Europe by artisans in cozy cottages along the hillsides. However, sadly, this picturesque image is not reality. Many products are made in China and then sent to Italy to add minor finishing touches. As a result, a ‘Made In Italy’ tag appears on the product. After doing some more research, I was pretty surprised to find out that several luxury companies have their (more…)

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Made in China


It’s obvious that many luxury brands are producing items on assembly lines in developing nations where labor is cheap. I think there’s just something so wrong with selling a purse for $1200 that only took $120 dollars to produce. It’s also saddening that some corporate titans are hiding the fact that their products are made (more…)

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