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Philip Wood


Many thanks to the amazing Philip Wood of Citizen:citizen, who was kind enough to take an hour out of his day to meet with me. His curatorial and creative work has been my constant source of inspiration.

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My thesis advisor, Christopher Cortez, sent me this link to the McFancy project. What is it about a logo that can make a Big Mac feel so fancy mcPantsy?

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Since I’m creating a line of products, this project by my thesis adviser, Jason Schulte, is tremendously inspiring.

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Paul Smith


Just came across a video over at Wolff Olins featuring Paul Smith, a high end fashion label. He’s a designer who doesn’t follow trends and continues to be creative on his own terms. Throughout the video, he mentions how he develops his brand to stand apart from Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Gucci. Smith focuses on quality in his products and creative experimentation. In his presentation he comments, “It’s so sad that all the shops are so formulaic now.” I would have to (more…)

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Echo Park


While I was in Los Angeles, I got a chance to visit Echo Park Time Travel Mart, a leader in convenience retailing that sells everything you need before you take a road trip through the fourth dimension. You might be asking what all this craziness is, well, Echo Park is actually a facade for writing workshops affiliated with 826 Valencia. Other amazing stores I’ve checked out were the Pirate Store in San Francisco and the Brooklyn Superhero store in New York.

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Frame magazine


Frame Magazine is a great source of inspiration for innovative interior designs.

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Tobias Wong


Tobias Wong is an amazing, conceptual artist who’s work explores the irony of consumerism and has been a great source of inspiration for my thesis project. Through his various products and exhibitions, he has led me to believe that a project where art, design, and conversation coexist makes for a very powerful statement. Here’s a snip-it of his interview with Theme Magazine.

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The Storeroom


I’m a huge fan of Philip Wood. There’s a great balance of art and design in his curatorial work. I’ll be attending the opening night of his newest pop-up shop, The Storeroom.

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Obsessive Consumption


This site is where Kate Bingaman-Burt documents everything she consumes. So, what did you buy today?

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FLOWmarket is a concept store that materializes people’s immaterial needs and makes people think, live and consume with more consciousness. What they sell are concepts–cans of aspiration, self-esteem, and other aspects of humanity. All the products in Flowmarket are reflections of what we need rather than what we can actually purchase. (more…)

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Target Bodega


Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the pop-up store trend and Target has rolled out a pretty impressive Bullseye Bodega. Even though my project is about luxury I’m also finding inspiration in one-stop shops. I’m hoping to bring these qualities into my project and as result, find a design style where luxury meets Seven Eleven.

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Midas touch


Interesting project. See more here. Time for me to go buy some metallic, gold spray paint!

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Barbara Kruger


I’ve been a big fan of Barbara Kruger’s work and especially her I shop, therefore I am series. I also find her collaboration with Selfridges pretty interesting. It’s great when commerce, fashion and art collaborate together, unfortunately, corporate usually works with artists not to push creative boundaries but rather to bring in the $$$. But then this symbiotic relationship really a bad thing?

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The Wrong Store


The Wrong Store, curated by Tobias Wong and Gregory Krum, is an art installation in the language of a retail shop. “Conceptually, no one can enter and nothing individually can be purchased, though everything will be visible as the space is under a 100 sq feet. However, as a retail shop “everything” is for sale but only as a whole (the complete installation). The installation is concerned with exploring the concepts of the gallery as a shop, a shop as a gallery and (more…)

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Pure Magenta


This project by Sarah Kissell addresses “luxury brand degradation and its multi-identity crisis, a recent sprawl in the industry where fashion labels have expanded their empire by creating multiple extension brands at a cheaper price in order to become more accessible. Simultaneously, as these brands degrade, the logo or name becomes more prominent than the actual product — appearing excessively and redundantly over disposable items, and often at sacrifice to the labels history or heritage.”

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