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Made In…


Prada’s new “Made In…” Project are products that are created by different artisans around the world which utilize traditional craftsmanship, materials, and manufacturing techniques. The newly design labels will declare the origin of the piece.

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The Anti ‘It’ Handbag


Stuart Vevers is reviving Loewe, a Spanish leather-goods brand owned by LVMH by focusing on simplicity rather than bling and functionality rather than flash.

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Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta has redesigned their website with a overall cleaner layout and easy navigation. They’ve also included video series titled Hand of the Artisan, which allows viewers to see how each Bottega Veneta item is made, and The Art of Collaboration videos that chronicle the behind the scenes of their ad campaigns. I have to say that Bottega Veneta has done a good job incorporating retail and story telling. The new website will really help customers understand and appreciate the art of this luxury brand.

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Chanel Cotton


Chanel makes $20 limited edition cotton pads.

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Most expensive water


Really, people?? Is a $3.3 million water bottle filled with H20 from natural springs throughout the world a product even worth creating? Talk about luxury to the max. It’s so “blinged” out that it almost seems tacky.

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Valentino Spring 2010


Ever since Valentino retired, the new Valentino house has come across with some drastic changes. This season’s couture collection was described as a circus by Valentino’s partner, Giancarlo Giammetti.

He was “not sad … just surprised. … We have always supported the new designers and we love them, but this time we have to distance ourselves from this ridiculous circus.” -Giancarlo Giammetti (more…)

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Roberto Cavalli Pets


Here’s an example of superfluous luxury at its best…Robert Cavalli’s new pet collection where doggy t-shirts start at $110.

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Hermès is a luxury brand that has done everything in its power to exude exclusivity. Even though they’re the highest of high end brands, there is something about the brand that doesn’t feel elitist.

“I don’t like elitism in fashion – it’s stupid and boring” – Simon Doonan

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RL’s Photoshop Nightmare


Extremely thin models are nothing new to the fashion industry. However, this Photoshop mishap at Ralph Lauren is just unexceptable.

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Chanel Store Opening


The Chanel Store on Geary Street in San Francisco will be re-opening their doors after months of remodeling. They’ll be throwing an opening event 11/20 – 11/21 from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

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100 years of Selfridges


Selfridges celebrates 100 years in an array of collaborations with influential designers.

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YSL Cigarettes


Yet another mundane object branded with a luxury logo.

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Millionaire Fair


The Millionaire Fair as they put it is the “Gateway to the Luxury Lifestyle”. It’s a lavish, lifestyle trade show that “provides every visitor with the richest experience possible, by offering a unique event where exclusivity, timeless class, professionalism and glamour come together and, naturally, can be bought.”

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