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Agenda Inc.


Agenda Inc. is a team of strategists working to create new futures for luxury brands. Take a look at their blog and read up on all things you’ve ever wanted to know about the future of the luxury industry. Many thanks to Rob for telling me about them.

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Los Angeles here I come


I’ll be visiting LA to do some research. Places I’m hoping to check out:

– Echo Park Time Travel Mart
– Paul Smith
– Rodeo Drive
– Melrose Ave.

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My happy things


Check out this site that features videos on things that make people happy.

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The shopping forecast


This month’s Monocole Magazine reports on the state of global retail and how to go about fixing it. The magazine surveys the smartest shopkeepers, best buyers, happiest customers and sharpest dieas on the streets, in the aisles and online.

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Mass luxe


Luxury is definitely no longer reserved for the elite. There has been a big demand for a taste of luxury from the middle class. Many are prepared to pay a premium for the thrill of owning a brand that makes them special even if it means purchasing a $100 keychain, a $50 perfume, or a $48 lipstick. There have been more and more collaborative projects between the high and low: (more…)

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Packaging Luxury


As a designer, I’m in a field where we pay a lot of attention to designing not only a product but also the package that holds it. For a consumer, opening a package begins their experience with the product. So, sometimes the design of a package can make a product seem even more special. In the luxury business, packaging is extremely important. Many call out the big guns: embosses, die cuts, silk ribbons, tissue paper, (more…)

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New York Here I Come


I’ll be in New York this week to do some research! I’m hoping to experience:

– Barney’s NY

– Bergdorf Goodman

– Prada

– Madison Ave.

– Meatpacking District

– Bleecker St.

– Canal Street

– Brooklyn Superhero Store

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Aren’t You Special


Just came across, an invitation only social networking site, promoted as a Facebook for the social elite. If you’re not rich, don’t even think about getting an invitation.

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Business of luxury


In the past decade, luxury has gone from occasional indulgence to daily ritual. The recent issue of Fortune Magazine, takes us into the new world of luxe.

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