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Chasing Cool

Published on 06.18.2009

In Chasing Cool, Noah Kerner talks about quality of products and how quality used to be rooted in workmanship, passion, and pride in the materials. However, now “quality” seems to be used as a fashionable marketing tool.

“If a product doesn’t embody quality, and you’re trying to reach a market that’s attracted to that cachet, you need an easily digestible catchphrase, and the number of products that have alighted on luxury this and luxury that goes on and on…the emphasis seems more specifically about the word luxury – as if simply saying it makes it true”

There seems to be something pretty powerful about the word “luxury”. By slapping the word “luxury” on a product consumers instantly conjure an image of elaborate luxe….so since it says it’s luxury then it must be the best, right? The term luxury is so ubiquitous, I think that the real luxury brands should never over emphasize the term luxury. As the author states, “If you want to be in luxury, make luxury and be quiet.”

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