observations in the luxury industry

The Midas Touch


I’ve been busy all week spraying everything gold.

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Agenda Inc.


Agenda Inc. is a team of strategists working to create new futures for luxury brands. Take a look at their blog and read up on all things you’ve ever wanted to know about the future of the luxury industry. Many thanks to Rob for telling me about them.

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Been busy building the shelving for the window installation. Looks like I’ll be installing the windows 4/25-4/26.

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You’re invited


I will be exhibiting my products in a form of a window display. I just finalized the date and location!

Date: April 26 – May 14June 12
Location: 74 New Montgomery St., San Francisco
Cross streets are Annie and Jessie

Many thanks to New Montgomery Partners for letting me use their window space.

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Logo Mojo


Here’s a sneak peek at another product I’m currently finalizing. It’s called Logo Mojo and it comes in a form of a spray. It’s a fictitious product that turns a logo into a crazy, fancy, shmancy pattern.

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Bling it up


I’m starting to get into the production phase of the project. Here’s a sneak peek of one of my products, Bling it up. It’s a typical toy vending machine but dispenses capsules filled with diamonds (plastic diamond confetti). I purchased the vending machine at and the toy capsules on eBay. Unfortunately, the toy capsules came with multi-color caps so I had to spray paint them all black myself. More images to come soon.

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Philip Wood


Many thanks to the amazing Philip Wood of Citizen:citizen, who was kind enough to take an hour out of his day to meet with me. His curatorial and creative work has been my constant source of inspiration.

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Most expensive water


Really, people?? Is a $3.3 million water bottle filled with H20 from natural springs throughout the world a product even worth creating? Talk about luxury to the max. It’s so “blinged” out that it almost seems tacky.

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LV & The Climate Project


I was flipping through this month’s Vanity Fair to check out all the advertisements and came across a Louis Vuitton ad featuring Annie Leibovitz and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The ad reads: (more…)

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Super Star


Here’s the design I’ve been working on for the Celebrity Endorsement Certificate.

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Missoni 2010 Campaign


I was flipping through the NYTs Style Magazine and came across Missoni’s new ad campaign. The campaign includes eight images that were captured during a Missoni family dinner. Photographed by Juergen Teller (photographer for Marc Jacobs’s campaigns), the ads intend to evoke a more homey, warm and fuzzy, family feel. (more…)

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Gucci – Forever Now


I was reading the NYTs today and came across Gucci’s new ad campaign. Similar to Louis Vuitton’s last ad campaign, Gucci is also trying to promote their heritage and quality.

The ad reads:
The man. The passion. The dream. Guccio Gucci lived the artisan’s life of Florence in 1921. Authentic. Enduring. Dedicated to perfection. His spirit inspires our traditions today. The beauty of what he began nurtured by generations (more…)

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Gucci Live Show


Gucci’s fashion show will be live on their Facebook page on 2/27 at 11:45am (EST). It’s interesting to see luxury brands embrace social media. Seems like they were against them in the beginning. Now, however, they’re trying harder to build an online fan base.

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Future of fashion


Here’s an interesting interview by with Robert Duffy about the future of fashion. He speaks about how a brand has to be different from everybody else and yet still maintain an image of a designer. “I never think that you should walk into a store and everything should be expensive. You still should have things that people can buy and that aren’t a gazillion dollars,” says Duffy. (more…)

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Valentino Spring 2010


Ever since Valentino retired, the new Valentino house has come across with some drastic changes. This season’s couture collection was described as a circus by Valentino’s partner, Giancarlo Giammetti.

He was “not sad … just surprised. … We have always supported the new designers and we love them, but this time we have to distance ourselves from this ridiculous circus.” -Giancarlo Giammetti (more…)

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Roberto Cavalli Pets


Here’s an example of superfluous luxury at its best…Robert Cavalli’s new pet collection where doggy t-shirts start at $110.

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