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Luxury in the recession

Published on 01.12.2009

The luxury industry once was considered to be recession-proof has taken quite a hit during this economic downturn:

– Louis Vuitton cancels plans for what would have been its largest and most fancy store worldwide

– Chanel lays off 200 temporary employees which has been described as the most serious setback to the company

– Christian Louboutin files for bankruptcy

– Christian Lacroix files for bankruptcy

Many high-end consumers have suppressed their appetite for luxuries and as a result could this recession be a long awaited purification for the luxury industry? A French trend expert describes it as “a revolution in values.” Maybe now the industry will forced to reevaluate and transform themselves. “We need a return to reason, decency, discretion, beauty and creativity — in other words, to true values,” stated Alain Némarq, the chairman of Mauboussin.

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