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Skin by Chanel

Published on 01.21.2010

This project by Ryan McSorely explores the possible future of skincare and branding. His project includes cleanser, toner, lotion, and a tool that allows you to leave a logo impression on your skin!

“Just as we can define ourselves through the brands of clothing we wear, or the brand of mobile phone we have, we can now define ourselves by the brand of skincare product we use. If you are using skincare by Chanel, you want people to know that your skin is by Chanel, in the same way that Chanel handbags have clear branding, why shouldn’t our skin.” – Ryan McSorely

Could you imagine the day when we actually start ‘branding’ ourselves with logos? Looks like we’re getting close to it. Karl Lagerfeld has decided to launch a temporary tattoo line for Chanel.

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